The International Association of Executive Directors (IAED) is a global professional association providing information, resources and education for non-profit Executive Directors. IAED’s mission is to serve, support and connect the world’s EDs by giving them both a global and a local voice.

Non-profit EDs are in unique executive positions. Their organizations are extremely complex for their size, with sometimes-competing, nonfinancial goals. With the added burden of fundraising or development activities to fund their mission-driven activities, most non-profits effectively operate two businesses. Furthermore, EDs are at the fulcrum between their staff and volunteer resources on the one hand, and their boards on the other.  Board members are generally unpaid volunteers themselves, who may or may not bring strength and clarity to the governance of the organization.

Before IAED, EDs had no broad-reaching venue to learn, share, and grow. They had no voice, and limited opportunity to help one another. Through IAED’s programs, all that has changed. EDs now have a home, which is focused exclusively and boldly on their well-being and improvement.

EDs power the social sector; IAED empowers EDs.